Story: The Osculation Paradox

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The Osculation Paradox
by GraySeeker

A young Starscream contemplates his paradoxical views on kissing. Especially where a certain scientist is concerned. Spoiler free. Many thanks to Draconia Snowmantle-Snape, Succubii, and Starfire201 for beta help.

Starscream had never seen much point in kissing. The pressing together of facial components seemed, at best, an antiquated custom. Something the likes of Graywing—chief mentor of Lore Studies at the Seekers Guild Institute—might get up to with the other two members of his trine. Not that Starscream even wanted to think about that. But certainly, kissing wasn't something worth bothering with if you were less than say, five hundred thousand vorns into your lifecycle.

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[fic] Inside

Title: Inside
Rating: PG
Characters: Skyfire, implied Skyfire/Starscream
Continuity: G1, mid '86 movie perhaps?
Warnings: Ref to canon character death, so...angst.
Summary:  Skyfire confesses in his private log his reaction to hearing of Starscream's death.
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A couple more 31_days ficlets

Title: Clear Goals
Rating: G
Continuity: G1 cartoon
Genre: Character study
Characters: Starscream and Skyfire
Words: 226
Summary: It was Starscream's job to be the ambitious one.
Notes: Written for 31_days with the prompt two ways of getting home.

Title: Living the Moment
Rating: G
Continuity: G1 cartoon
Genre: Humour /fluff
Pairings: Starscream/Skyfire
Words: 233
Summary: "You won't enjoy the journey as much if you're always in a rush."
Notes: Written for 31_days with the prompt he who travels fastest goes alone.
Star/Sky - Chibi giant robots

Newbie with fic here!

I can't believe it took me this long to discover this community. =D Anyway, have a ficlet:

Title: A Moment's Rest
Rating: G
Genre: Character study / sort-of-fluff
Pairings: Implied Starscream/Skyfire
Words: 370
Summary: "If you tell me to 'look on the bright side' again, I'm leaving without you."
Notes: Written for 31_days with the prompt walk in empty places.

And I have several more, but to avoid spam I'll just leave a link to their tag on my writing journal.